DC Microgrid Technology – Now

Could your facility benefit from 70-90% increased lighting efficiency? Would you appreciate brighter, sharper lights, at lower cost? What would your profit margins and life environment look like with such increased efficiency? And, what if all of those benefits came from a clean, renewable energy source? Here is your answer:

ADC Energy provides future DC Microgrid solutions – NOW:

1. Incomparable efficiency results of 70-90% over fluorescents;
2. Full facility lighting operating at clean and safe 24V (See, P. 3);
3. Zero AC conversion waste;
4. Integrated uninterrupted power supply (UPS-back up power);
5. Easy installation on existing panels and wires;
6. Qualifies for immediate IRC 179d tax deduction (2016 Deadline!);
7. 23 International Patents, Green Build Expo 2016 Featured Technology

You already know electric vehicles use DC power batteries to save gasoline use. ADC Energy brings DC power to power the lights of entire facilities. Your lighting expense is only to charge the ADC system. ADC Energy’s patented system “piggybacks” DC onto AC flow, to allow unprecedented long distance transmission of DC power.

Typical System

ADC Power System

We, at ADC Energy, created a system that will revolutionize the way the world uses electricity. Our main product, the ADC Power System, allows both AC and DC energy to be transmitted and used simultaneously through the same wiring infrastructure in most residential and commercial buildings. In essence, the ADC Power System eliminates energy conversion loss and provides a solution to use each electric current type independently, while on the same electric circuit. All power source types such as, power from the electric grid, solar photovoltaic panels, gas generators and even your automobile can all be connected to the ADC Power System to power your home or business.

The ADC Energy System is the most efficient way to transmit and use energy. Using energy from our system is just as simple as plugging in a device. Since the System is able to differentiate the current type automatically, all electrical devices are able to connect to the System through the same plug. Whether it is powering a washing machine through AC power or charging a smartphone through DC power, the System is able to provide the correct current type without the need to change plugs or install new lines to an existing circuit.