ADC Energy invented a NEW form of energy

Yes, you read that right.  ADC (“Alternating Direct Current”) is a new form of energy that creates power efficiency options that never existed. ADC creates unprecedented benefits including:

  • 70-90% Power Efficiency improvement
  • Entire facility lighting systems operating on 24V/batteries
  • Net Zero (off grid) systems with ADC Solar Module (pending)
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (Emergency back-up)


Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit at a table with Thomas Edison, and he explained to you that he has technology for a new form of light, the light bulb.  How do you react?  Are you one of the visionaries who stood by and supported Edison through his 1,000+ failed attempts at the light bulb?  Or, are you a skeptic who walked away, only to be a spectator on the streets looking up at Edison’s technology as it lights the entire world for the next millennium?

Right now, you sit at the table with ADC Energy and you learned we created a new form of energy which improves nearly every power system on Earth.  The efficiency improvements of this new energy already reach 90% without any change of wiring.  And, with a pending solar upgrade, can create a true net zero result. You learn that ADC Energy was a success on the FIRST prototype, is now multi patented, is installed in real world facilities, and is now expanding operations.  There will not be 1,000+ failures to come.  Are you a visionary, like Edison and the early visionaries of Apple, Google, Facebook? Or, are you a skeptic like Ron Wayne and would sell out your founder’s shares of Apple for $800?

So What is ADC Energy?

Simply, ADC is a new form of energy.  The world used to have only two energy options, AC or DC.  Now, there is AC AND DC flowing on the same wires—ADC Energy.  ADC Energy’s patented technology “piggybacks” DC power onto AC flow to allow simultaneous transmission of both AC and DC on existing wires, establishing unprecedented long distance transmission of clean DC.  This third form of energy creates DC power and efficiency solutions that never existed.

Thomas Edison’s final dream was universal use of DC power, but he could not solve the critical problem of DC deteriorating upon first transmission.  Edison’s dream came true from a wheelchair…

ADC Energy’s inventor Hun Choe lost his legs to polio at one year old.  Despite his physical limitations, his keen inventor mind created the core ADC Energy technology of simultaneous/long distance AC and DC flow, in 8 hours, with the first prototype.  It worked on the first try.  That same first prototype remains the core of ADC Energy and is installed and operating in several real world facilities.

The ADC Energy Core System includes the ADC Charger, ADC Efficiency Control Unit, ADC Booster, and ADC Energy storage bank.  Our “plug and play” system is modular meaning that it can be expanded via additional modules to power any sized facility.  Further, once the Core System is installed, ADC Energy’s future pipeline of modules easily attach to expand the system’s energy benefits, e.g.: ADC Solar Module, ADC HVAC Module, ADC EV Charging Module, ADC Data Center Module, ADC Utility Module.

ADC DC Microgrid LEDs 


ADC Energy’s current off the shelf product line includes our “plug and play” DC Microgrid LED lighting system which provides immediate efficiency benefits for any sized facility:

  • Brighter, cleaner environment
  • Less heat from lights
  • Long distance distribution of clean, safe DC power
  • Entire facility lighting systems powered by only 24V, i.e., battery power for entire buildings
  • AC power limited to charging batteries
  • Easy installation, no re-wiring required
  • Zero AC conversion waste
  • Future direct use of solar power


ADC Solar Module:

The global acceptance of solar energy is undisputed.  And, the ADC Solar Module is near ready to hit the mass market.  Combined with the ADC Core System the ADC Solar Module creates unprecedented energy benefits, including a fully net zero // off grid system:

  1. The ADC Solar Module plugged into the Core System allows direct storage of DC energy generated via solar panels. Any amount of solar energy is fed directly into the ADC storage systems, without any inverters. This means that energy created even in ambient light, e.g. overcast days, moonlight, can be channeled directly into and used by the ADC System.  There is no AC/DC conversion waste because ADC has no conversion.


  1. Our targeted future application is installation of solar systems in taller office buildings and housing units which do not have land space for substantial solar panel arrays. Because ADC Solar Module is so efficient, the system can be combined with solar panels which are thin films placed onto windows like tinting, e.g., solar panel window tints.  The smaller energy generated by the window tints work with ADC Energy’s efficiency to allow any minimal amount of solar production to be channeled directly into the ADC system, and then utilized throughout a facility as clean ADC Energy.

Additional ADC Modules:

ADC is already in development phases of additional modules that will impact the global markets for HVAC (“Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems which are critical systems for such industries as manufacturing and data centers.

The ADC EV Charging Module is targeted toward the multi-billion dollar DC powered electric vehicle market which mandates an ever growing EV Charging system.  The ADC EV Module can charge EV batteries on pure solar power, and at higher efficiencies with less time.  Because of the highly efficient transmission and use of DC power, ADC Energy will be unprecedented in this market space.

ADC Energy already has working drawings for utility scale long distance DC power transmission, i.e., miles, on the exist grid.  The ADC utility “turbo” booster can be attached to existing grid pillars and stations to transmit clean, renewable DC power over an entire county, state, country.

All of these additional modules incorporate seamlessly into any installed ADC core system.

ADC Power System