Why the World is Now Ready for ADC Energy:

The entire world is switching to a DC power foundation.  Global consciousness finally admits the reality of our energy crisis with recent nuclear power plant disasters, volatile/war mongering oil markets, and environmental devastation from traditional coal powered energy.  With multiple international accords acknowledging the life critical importance of alternative, renewable energy, DC power is the most viable solution.  Primary renewable energy technologies like solar and wind generate in DC power.  Portable electronics which dominate the world via cell phones, laptops, PCs, tablets all require DC power.  Remote Third World areas require a localized, facility specific DC solution, e.g., solar power to remote villages.  Thomas Edison’s final vision was a world operating on clean, safe, sustainable DC power.  However, he could not solve the fundamental issue that DC power cannot be transmitted long distance without deteriorating.  Edison’s vision was set aside in favor of expedience, the expedience of AC power which could be easily transmitted long distance, without long term thought as to the consequences of coal, oil, nuclear generators.  Thomas Edison’s premonition is again our reality: DC power is the solution to the world’s energy crisis.