How can ADC achieve 90% efficiency performance improvement? The answer is three fold. 

Game Changing Advantages:

  1. Elimination of AC conversion/inverters via simultaneous transmission of AC and DC power on the same wires;
  2. Long distance transmission of DC power on existing wire infrastructure
  3. Amperage reduction via reliance on DC power instead of AC

What this really means:

  • ADC Microgrid easily installs onto using existing panels and wires
  • AC power is channeled into the patented ADC Charger Module. Each ADC Charger Module utilizes only 480W of electricity.
  • The ADC Charger Module channels into an ADC reservoir battery. The battery also stores DC energy for later use (UPS). (Fig. 1) ADC power is now flowing!
  • Once the reservoir battery fills, AC consumption stops all together. The DC power is also partly transmitted to the ADC Energy Core Unit (“ECU” in final development for 90% efficiency performance) and flows into ADC Booster Units which transmit clean DC throughout the facility lights. (Fig. 2)
  • You keep more profits!

Call an ADC authorized distributor for site inspection and analysis.

Fig 1. Phase 1 of ADC Energy System

Fig 2. Phase 2 of ADC Energy System

Extremely effective for warehouses

  • 63,000 sq.ft. warehouse
  • No wiring replaced
  • Entire facility, including two floors of offices and exterior lights operating at clean

Proof it works

Todd Pipe Supply ADC Current Energy Project


100,000 sq.ft. facility, two floors of offices, exterior and parking areas lighting systems operating on 24V generated from 12 car batteries.

Occidental College:

Completed pilot with metering reflecting ~85% efficiency improvements to date.  Additional classrooms, dormitories, library, street lights included within campus sustainability program.

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